Mango, Nam Doc Mai

Mango, Nam Doc Mai

Mangifera indica

English: Mango

Fruit Description

The most popular mango variety in Thailand for its almost fiberless flesh that is very sweet and pleasantly aromatic. A well ripened good Nam Doc Mai has a taste that reminds to Durian. The seeds are polyembryonic, more plants will grow from the same seed. They will be true to type except the first, biggest, most purple one.
The seedling tree bears fruit in 5 years.

Grow Nam Doc Mai in Container

Choose a big container (every side and height is more than 0,5 meter). Holes are essential for draining. Plant the seeds in a mixture of soil, compost and sand. Take attention that Mango trees cannot handle wet soil. They love Sun and light, place them at the brightest place in your home.
Seeds Last Available - June-2018