Lowianus, Sweetheart

Lowianus, Sweetheart
Lowianus, Sweetheart
Lowianus, Sweetheart
Lowianus, Sweetheart

Durio lowianus

Latin: Lowianus

Fruit Description

It was love at first sight: beautiful heart shape, radiant green color, long and curved spikes. We just watched the two fruits that came from far away from a huge, one hundred years old tree. The smell enchanted us: fruit cocktail with cherry. The smell surrounded us. When we opened we smelt strong Hazelnut smell. It was unbelievable creamy and milky: the texture was almost like liquid coffee cream. While they had the typical cherry liquor taste, it was very different from what we experienced before: amazing coffee with a lot of milk as we got when we were children. Hazelnut cream, marzipan and numb taste. Our fingers smelled like amazing, mild café au lait after eating it.
About Durio lowianus:
Finally we experienced Durio lowianus. It is magic: no odor, just nice cherry and rum punch smell, creamy as a dream and has heavenly taste: marzipan, cherry dessert, dough. The fresh fruit numbs our mouth and tounge. It is puzzling why is zibethinus the chosen one to cultivate over lowianus.

The characteristic of D. lowianus in our experience:
1. No odor, pleasant smell
2. Unlike with zibethinus, freshness is not as essential: a 1-2 days old lowianus doesn’t smell bad and the taste is not ruined: just more matured and characteristic - however we still prefer the fresh fruits
3. Big size of the fruit, like zibethinus (other wild species are smaller, it is common to have just 1-2 pods in one fruit)
4. There is a lot of flesh on the seed, this makes special between the wild species
Seeds Last Available - August-2018