Soncoya, Luscious

Soncoya, Luscious
Soncoya, Luscious

Annona purpurea

Spanish: Soncoya

Fruit Description

Soncoya is not widely cultivated in Costa Rica, the trees are planted from seed, and each give different fruit.
We describe our impression of each variety we offer:

The fruit was over 1kg, compared to other soncoyas it was more juicy with more pulp, and a stronger pungent aroma. At the time of tasting, the grown-ups consequently chose this one as their preferred, while the children chose the milder one.

This is the annona that tries really hard to look like a durian and does a pretty decent job at it. Under the rigid exterior is a vivid bright orange pulp that smells spicy, sweet and pungent. The instant impression when you put it in your mouth is sweet soursop with orange marmalade, it could also be described as sweet orange yoghurt. It has a hint of canistel and the overall impression is something that we could describe as a very "topical" taste, like the 100% tropical fruit juice on the supermarket shelves. The fruit, when ripe has gentle tartness and intense sweetness. If you know soursop, expect something that is less juicy, less fibrous and more pulpy, with a much more exciting taste.
Seeds Last Available - September-2018